My First Event with Rotaract

Hello, everyone! This is Christina and I'd like to share one of my favorite Rotaract memories with you all.

Coming into college, I didn't think that I'd be able to make many friends because I wasn't a naturally outgoing person. My first event with Rotaract surprised me. I had been hesitant to sign up to go kayaking with them when I first went to the Rotaract booth at the Involvement Fair. In the end I did sign up at the urging of my roommate (thanks, Pristine). The event was held early in the morning and I had never gone kayaking before, but everyone there was very helpful and inclusive. The Rotaractors and Rotarians there made me feel welcome even though I was not very talkative or good at keeping up conversations. Their warmth and friendliness was what really set Rotaract apart from other clubs that I tried joining. Today, as a board member I hope to create that same experience for current and future Rotaractors and give back to my club.