New Year, New Blog

Xochitl Lopez (left), Ashley Gayoso (middle), Christina Leung (right) -- 2017-18 Publicity Committee

Hi, everyone!

My name's Ashley Gayoso, one of this year's Marketing Directors. I'm honored to be the first Rotablog for this term and introduce you all to this fun little addition of our club.

First started in early 2016, the Rotablog has grown into a time capsule of members both current and graduated. I'd written for the Rotablog before, back when I was an intern for Rotaract, and it really does feel like looking at a different person. The Rotablog is a chance to watch yourself grow, and allow other people to grow with you. It's open to everyone, and I am nothing if not excited to share this platform with you all. See you again next week!