Introducing... Valeria Herrera!

"If you wanna be a shark, you can be a shark."

What do you think of Halloween this year?

I actually only went trick-or-treating once before... because I'm not from here, I'm from Mexico. I went with my roommate since I lived in CV, and it was fun. It's really different here. Have you heard of Día de los Muertos?

I have.

Yeah, it's so different here.

Do you like how it is here?

I do. Some of the costumes are really nice. There aren't a lot of people dressed up on campus today though. It's nice, though-- I wanna see Xochitl's costume already!* I like how you can be whatever you wanna be today. If you wanna be a shark, you can be a shark. I wanted to be a unicorn but I didn't have enough time. And I don't usually dress up for Halloween. The ears make me embarrassed.

[ . . . ]

How's being Treasurer treating you?

It's good. Oh my God, I'm stressed though. It's a lot.

Is it hard going from an intern to exec?

Yeaaah. When I was an intern, I was only doing small jobs. Like, for Passionfest, I only did decorations. But this year, I have to do all of it.

Oh yeah, you have the pad thai fundraiser tomorrow.

It takes up a lot more time than I thought-- I have board meetings, committee meetings, exec meetings, and general meetings. And three midterms. I'm excited to get interns. I might make them do all the work.

I don't know if I can put that in.

But last year's Treasurer went from intern to exec, too.

You're keeping up the trend.

Yeah. And it went smoothly last year. So if she can do it, then I can do it, too.

* Xochitl, Co-Marketing Director, was dressed as Barnacle Boy, a Spongebob character.